Adventure Fishing World Championship

Just under two weeks remain before the kickoff of one of the most challenging kayak fishing tournaments I’ve ever fished, the Adventure Fishing World Championship, gets underway. This will be the third consecutive year my good friend and fellow Get:Outdoors teammate, Nathan Raycroft, and I have entered. The first two tournaments were held in South Florida; Everglades and Flamingo. For 2015, tournament organizers decided to jump over a few states to one of the most prominent Gulf coast sport-fishing destinations, Louisiana. The tiny outpost on Delacroix Island will be our host as 50 two-man teams arrive from a multitude of States, all willing to bet they’re better than the rest.

Safety Gear

By this time I am normally well prepared. Yet time has not been on my side and I am just now beginning to collect and organize gear. Which lead into this collection of safety gear. I was never in the Armed services, let alone the Marines, yet from watching programs delving into the ideology of “always being prepared”, I strive to be as best prepared as possible to handle the unexpected. Thus, the following;
Kayak Safety Gear


1) Dry Bag – Holds all shown items                       2) Handheld GPS

3) Waterproof VHS radio                                        4) Flashlight Spare Batteries

5) Spare kayak parts                                              6) Medicine

7) Tools                                                                  8) Energy fuel

9) Signal mirror, Tape & Space blanket                10) Spare pedal prop

11) First Aid                                                          12) TP

13) Two-way Radios                                             14) AFWC Token holder

15) Cord & Gorilla tape                                         16) Quick-dry towel

17) Visi-pole Light                                                 18) Flares

Not shown are a headlamp, water and a few other small items. #12, Toilet paper. There are big water lizards in Louisiana so you always wanna be prepared, just in case you need a maintenance wipe while away from home base.


Photo/Video Gear

It likely goes without saying that if you keep breathing long enough you’ll eventually get to the age that you easily forget some things, or most things. No worries, as long as you remember to bring along a still or video camera, you’re memories can be stored in relative safety, assuming you don’t leave said device behind in the bathroom after changing your depend. On a more positive note, there are a multitude of small image capturing devices that have the capability of preserving important moments in time. The following assembled gear  represents a larger than normal amount than I would carry simply to snap a few images of scenery and fish. When the purpose is to generate more thoughtful imagery and videos, it’s helpful to utilize gear designed for such tasks. Minus the Ram base-pad mount and tripod, all the rest fits in a Pelican 1450 case.

AFWC Photo Video Gear

1) GoPro Battery packs                                        2) MeFoto Backpacker tripod

3) Tiffen Steadicam Curve                                    4) Pole mount for GoPro

5) Ram Base mount                                              6) GoPro batteries

7) 360º Time Lapse                                               8) Media cards

9) Polarizer                                                          10) Fuji battery

11) Mini C-clamp                                                 12) GoPro 3

13) Panasonic TS-5                                            14) BlueMicro GoPro cage

15) Azden SGM-10 mic                                      16) Pelican 1450 case

 What’s in your Crate?

Some kayak fisherman are like young children going on their first long trip, believing they should bring every toy (lure/bait) they own, “just in case they need it”. Though far from a child, at least numerically, the battle to pair down tackle, especially when going to an unknown area, can be a struggle. It doesn’t help, having a large crate, with a gaping open mouth, whispering, “feed me, I can hold all that crap!” As much as I’d like to slim down my tackle load, I justify using the decent sized YakAttack BlackPak, being that it’s rigid, I can also us it as a mounting surface for camera, net and safety light. So it serves two purposes.

AFWC 2105 BlackPack Contents

1) Zooka Tube Ram rod holder                   2) YakAttack BlackPak

3) Hook extractor                                         4) EconoScale lip gripper

5) Assorted soft plastics                              6) VanStall 6.5″ pliers (discontinued)

7) Fluro leader                                             8) hand towel

9) Lowrance Elite 4 DSI                            10) 12v 7.2 amp battery

11) Terminal tray                                       12) Hard bait tray

13) Rigged soft plastics


Rods & Reels

AFWC Rods & Reels

1) Quantum Cabo PT20   & 7′ ML St. Croix Avid Inshore

2) Quantum Energy PTS30 & 7′ M  St. Croix Tidemaster

3) EGO floating net

4) Diawa  Tatula Type-R & 7′ ML St. Croix Tidemaster

5) Diawa Tatula TypeR & 7′ M St. Croix Tidemaster

PFD & Paddle

AFWC PFD and Paddle

1) Stick-It Pin 5.5′

2) Astral Ronny Fisher

3) EGO floating net

4) NRS Co-Pilot Knife

5) Werner Paddles Cyprus 240cm


AFWC Clothes

1) Simms G4 Goretex Jacket                                   2) Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Pants

3) Simms Solarflex shirt & Sungaiter                      4) Kokatat Paddling Shirt

5) UnderArmour Flats Guide Shirt                           6) Buff

7) Mountain Khakis Equatorial Pants                      8) Simms Solarflex Guide Glove

9) Bug Net                                                                      10) Kafks’s Kool Tie

11) Tilley Endurables AirFlo Hat

….more to follow in another post