Tournament three of the four-part series was held on Jordan Lake. Turnout was a little low, with only 18, but 18 still means plus funds raised for H.O.W.

The forecast wasn’t great, with thunderstorms projected for the afternoon. Thankfully the weather man was wrong, surprise right?. We did have a nice, short but heavy shower. Worked out well for me since I skipped showering before leaving the am. Catching was tough, to say the least. 7 of the 18 blanked how ever the winner, Harrison Zellers, came up with a three fish limit of 50.25″.

I had birthday festivities to attend and only was able to stay until 1pm. I don’t fish Jordan much at all, in fact the tourney was the first time I’ve been on it this year. My first stop was a gradual drop that tends to attract larger baitfish and larger predators. Even though I found a few larger fish by sonar, whatever they were were not in the mood. The strategy of fishing slow for larger quality fish  didn’t pan out and after spending too much time with that I switched to a stick bait in an effort to cover more water. Fortunes turned and led to fish, just not multiple Bass. The stick bait brought Crappie, White Bass and Catfish to the yak… and only one Bass, at 9.5″, surprisingly worth 9th place.

Congrats to the top three finishers and the 4th and 5th place finishers who won $50 gift certificates to Get:Outdoors.

1  Harrison Zellers 3 LMB 50.25″
2  Shelly Efird 3 LMB 35.5″
3  Garrett Phillips 2 LMB 31.75″
4  Joey Benevenia 2 LMB 25.75″
5  Rick Rowland 1 LMB 20″
6  Jeff Ratliff 1 LMB 18.25″
7  DJ Myslinski 1 LMB 15.25″
8  Henry Veggian 1 LMB 10″
9  Philip Ruckart 1 LMB 9.25″
10  Joey Sulilvan 1 LMB 9″
11  Ron Washburn 1 LMB 6.5″
12  Joe Angelcyk 0 LMB 0
12  Josh Ferguson 0 LMB 0
12  Bob Dainton 0 LMB 0
12  Jason Scott 0 LMB 0
12  Mike Langer 0 LMB 0
12  Andre Smit 0 LMB 0
12  Wayne Butler 0 LMB 0

IMG_0997 IMG_1001 IMG_1887