Carolina Yakfish Tournament Series #5

Location:  Jordan Lake, Ebenezer Church Launch Ramp

The Conditions

The morning began with a slight chill, at 44º, clear skies, light and variable winds and a water temperature of 65º. A beautiful Carolina Day!

Thirty-three anglers checked in to fish the fifth and final leg of the Carolina Yakfish Tournament Series on October 20th. In it’s third year, the 2012 challenge by far had the tightest competition in determining the Angler of the Year. With roughly eight anglers in the chase, Jordan Lake held the key as to who would receive the title.

Preempting the tourney were numerous reports thought-out the season on how difficult fishing Jordan has been.  The previous mild Winter led to an explosion in the Shad population, with some bait balls reaching car size and fish up to 5” in length. Often having to compete against these floating smorgasbords with artificial baits is a challenge. Only 7 of the thirty-three submitted a three fish limit.

My Day

It didn’t help that I had stayed up too late the night before visiting with my parents who I hadn’t seen in a while. Four hours of sleep wasn’t ideal to keep mentally charged for competition. Occasionally, I saw small Bass rolling on small Shad but those were few and far between. Casts of topwater baits and subsurface swim baits were ineffective for me. The last time I fished the Jordan event in 2010, I won it with a three Bass limit of 62” by slow and methodically fishing a jig-n-pig. This year was not to be anything close, by far, to a repeat… in fact it was the polar opposite, a scratch. It wasn’t for a lack of effort, just not an enduring to the last minute. After thoroughly covering a few coves and points I checked the time and couldn’t believe it was already 11:30am!. Check-in time was 3 PM, leaving little time to go travel any further and spend any considerable time. By this time the air temps had come up to 65º. Combined with a slight breeze and open sunshine my will to continue began to wilt. Already close to the ramp, I called it a day by 12:30PM.

Jordan Lake Results

1st Place – Joey Sullivan with three Bass totaling 50.75”

2nd Place – Jason Scott with three Bass totaling 50”

3rd Place – DJ Myslinski with three Bass totaling 47”


Angler of the Year Results

1st Place – Joey Sullivan with 298 points*

2nd Place – Shelly Efird with 287 points – Winner on Native Watercraft Redfish 12

3rd Place – Jeff Lee – with 286 points

* Because Joey Sullivan is the Carolina Yakfish co-coordinator it was predetermined that he would not be eligible to win the AOY grand prize a Native Watercraft kayak.


Carolina Custom Rod Raffle – Won by Nathan Raycroft

For those who are unaware, the Carolina Yakfish series benefits the non-profit organization, Heroes on the Water. This year surpassed all previous years, collecting $2,431. This couldn’t have been possible with out the support of the sponsors; Native Watercraft, Hook1 KayakFisingGear and Carolina Custom Rods, the anglers and the time and energy of the organizers, Bob Dainton and Joey Sullivan. Joey Benevenia also deserves recognition and appreciation for contributing time and energy in producing the badge holders and lanyards which were sold for HOW funds. No anglers were pressured into contributing their first through third place winnings to the total contribution however Joey Sullivan twice contributed his winnings to the lot, helping increase the total amount. Applause and a big atta-a-boy to Joey!

I can’t say for sure how everyone else views these tournaments, whether they are an excuse to get together with friends and fish or pure competition. For me it’s always been about the excuse to fish, catch up with old friends and even make a few new ones. So if you have never fished a CYF tourney I hope you’ll watch for it next year and come join in the fun, catch some fish and contribute to a worthy charity.

To read more from tournament directors Bob Dainton and Joey Sullivan and a full list of angler results see Carolina Yakfish Jordan Results