This trip began as a Christmas gift (2016), originating from the obviously thoughtful wife of Brad,  for he and his good friend John. Despite having taken nearly a year to schedule, we persevered and were “gifted” with witnessing a nice feeding frenzy on this overcast, misting and sometimes rainy day. Due to location proximity, we chose a lake I don’t often fish, so we began by pattern searching, beginning shallow. The water temp barely tickled 71 degrees, a good sign for feeding activity. Initially, we only found a few shallow in the lake tributaries. Brad hooked a nice fish holding right on a stump but the fish had other ideas than being caught and spit the hook.

Moving out into the main body of the lake Brad soon found a school of Bass feeding on Shad. They wanted small baits and Brad had just the right size, landing the nicer of the fish for the day.

It’s always a pleasure fishing with folks who simply enjoy being outside, sharing a few laughs, and of course, chasing fish. I enjoyed fishing with you guys, thanks!