If you’re not a huge fan of cold weather your motivation for getting up and on the water early can easily be diminished. Such was the case this past Saturday, when the dudes of weather mayhem predicted, and subsequently were correct by forecasting a low of 33º. Despite a cool start a fairly quick warmup was also predicted, accompanied by lower winds, at least lower than the high winds associated with a passing cold front. Although the moon phase, barometric pressure, pretty daises and white unicorns may not have all aligned to form the “ideal” time to fish, I had the time and that made it the “ideal” time to go.

Within 10 minutes of launching I found my first fish, caught on a 3/8 oz swim jig, retrieved slowly over a dispersed rock pile in about 8′ of water.

I recently picked up a River2Sea Whopper Plopper, if for no other reason simply for the name. At 1 3/8th oz. and 5″ long, it certainly makes a plop when  the mini-submarine shaped torpedo plashes down. After hooking up to a number of smaller fish than you would expect to hit the Plopper, a decent Bass latched on for the ride.

Admittedly, chucking the Whopper for two hours can wear on your hands. So with the lure test confirmed, I moved on to picking the banks with a t-rigged creature.   Along a bank surface transition I found this girl unwilling to let go of my critter.

Thanks for hanging on and the brief conversations. Lets do it again real soon!