Occasionally the question arises; “When’s the best time to fish”? If you care to delve into popular theories and environemntal  circumstances, countless hours may pass before you pinpoint the “holy grail” of dates and times when fish are most active, likely increasing your chances of making a connection. On the other hand, if your schedule, be it work or other life responsibilities limits your going on ideal days, you simply go when can.

Today was one of those days. An active cold front, high winds and rain was the hand dealt. As much as I was tempted to refrain, I knew the window of opportunity was short and if it wasn’t now, it might be another two weeks before I got another chance.

I purposely geared light. Native Watercraft Ultimate FX 12, my Werner Kalliste, two small trays of tackle and two St. Croix rods, a ML and Medium. No time for an anchor, I’d go where the wind led me. No depth finder, no temp readings, just head knowledge of the terrain and a mental process of where I’d search first.  As soon as I launched a light rain began moving in, yeah. Having already tied on a 3/8 oz spinner I started shallow and slow. Second cast and I found a young male, which triggered the assumption that the males had or at least begun to move shallow in the bed guard positions. A few more younger males shall0w and then I progressively began moving deeper or further off the bank, running a buzz bait slowly as the rain picked up. Moving just past a main lake point a large female apparently took offense to the lure racket and sucked the bait in, the trailer hook making the connection.

IMG_1591 IMG_1592

Ultimate FX 12, 1st Large Bass


Then, it poured like a mother, not a nice mother, but a mean, dirty rotten mother. In an effort to gain relief from the driving rain I paddled across the lake to gain shelter in the bosom of some tall trees. Once across, I sensed a light flash. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was, thinking I might have blinked and didn’t really see what I thought I saw. The close crack of thunder confirmed I wasn’t imagining the flash. Should I stay or should I go now? Hmmm, wait a few more minutes and see if more are to come. If so, I’ll have to wait until they pass otherwise I’d have to cross the main lake during strikes. Might as well fish while I wait seemed logical.

Ultimate FX 12, Heavy Rain

Logic payed off with, well, with large dividends.. being the biggest largemouth of the day. Don’t know what it measured or weighed. Didn’t bring either tools because today I really didn’t care. Today was short, I wanted it to be as simple as possible. A turn down the clutter and turn up the ease and enjoyment of what kayak fishing is supposed to be. Despite nature spit’n in my face she also rewarded with a memorable, enjoyable time…. and a few nice fish, confirming that the best time to fish is when you have time to fish.

Ultimate FX 12 Big Bass