Something about the ever-evolving nature of flowing waters, and the banks which attempt to contain them, speaks to me in a way that still water does not. Maybe it’s the “hey, come see what’s new or different” nature of the relationship rivers and I have had since I was a tike? Anyway, enough of the psychological wanderings, the fish are waiting and I assume you are too?


First on the list of reuniting was a paddle to Carp land, the almost assured location of these hard-fighting golden nuggets of pure, silly fun.









After the Carp meet and greet I turned to attention to the abundant herd of Redbreast Sunfish. These wonderfully colored finned friends are so enamored with small flies one does not need to be proficient with the fly rod, at all, so if you can fling it o the water, they will oblige.


On the paddle-back, I came across a Northern Water snake, deep in a wrestling match of life with a small Catfish. I tried not to disturb the natural life-cycle unfolding before my eyes, yet at the same time had to capture an image for my Wild Kingdom files.


-thanks, Rivah!