When your young lad feels the need to give his pet Carp a hug, well, you oblige. In the past, the boy has gotten a free ride, two miles up river from the launch. This year his 11 year old tiny-hinnie is paddling solo, navigating through rock gardens and small rapids as we travel to where he keeps his pet.

Paddling Up River

His Carp must have know he was near because it didn’t take more than two minutes before it attached itself to his line. (We’re still working on training it to simply jump in the kayak.)

Hooked Up

A Solid Pull










I grew up chasing Freshwater Carp. They’re capable of growing quite sizable and put up an enjoyable fight, especially for kids. The smile on his face likely gives enough indication that there’s fun to be had with these fish.

Fish Bring Smiles

Being outside, observing and iteracting with wild things should put a smile on your kids face. It does for mine… causing me to smile as well. He even gave me the rod after catching his fish, letting me catch my own.

Carp Smile Carp