What was supposed to be a Crappie fishing trip soon digressed into a favorable Bass bite. The plan was I would locate Crappie schools, Trace would fish for them and I would fish for Bass. First out of the gate we hit a structured point looking for both species. After a few smaller Bass I finally got a good bite bouncing a Rapala DT10 off rocks.

Largemouth Bass Kayak Fishing








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Although we found a few more Crappie schools they weren’t giving it up for Trace. I switched to drop-shotting a finesse worm, which led to another handful of medium sized Bass. After working over a point we left, trolling divers on the way to another spot. Once there Trace caught a few small bass on his Crappie rig. As noon approached the heat and humidity was beginning to wear on us. We concur, let’s pull up and troll back to the launch after one more cast. These famous words have been uttered countless times as well as in this case. I had switched from a crank bait to a swim jig and trailer to reach deeper depths, bouncing it up and letting it fall. On the last cast mama Bass hit it about 20 ft from the kayak. Even after the first flash of the fish I could’t tell how big it was but one thing for certain, she didn’t want to come up. Come up however she did, a strong bucket mouth tipping the scale right a t 8 lbs.
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