Kayak Guide Fishing. A questions of who’s helping who?

I raise the question for various reasons, formed by various perceptions. However, in a nutshell, kayak fishing has come along way since I started, it’s hugely popular, widely available to many, with many people owning multiple kayaks. Likely due to this progression, guided requests have been dropping off over the years. Additionally, the Piedmont is not particularly known as a recreational fishing destination, although there are some nice spots, so out-of-towner’s typically don’t book trips.

Naturally, as trip numbers fade the question of continuance arises. Should I keep doing it, is it worth it, am I still “in it” for the right reasons? All are reasonable and legit questions, deserving of answer…. and the answer came in a call from a Charlotte mother, who wanted her son to experience kayak fishing, as a present for his 16th birthday. Matts’ interest in fishing comes from his own origination as no one else in the family fishes, even saving his own money to buy his first kayak.

Kayak Fishing NC
On his trip I put him in the Ultimate FX 12 so he could experience the stability and seat comfort in comparison to what he owns. During our time we discussed paddling techniques, gear, anchoring, electronics, seasonal Bass movement, and the varying forage, depending on the body of water. Although we weren’t rewarded with any large fish, fish were landed. I never began guiding to simply catch fish, rather, hopefully to impart knowledge that would grow individuals to become better paddlers as well as anglers. Thanks Matt, for giving me a reason to keep the “Open” sign out a little bit longer.

Kayak Fishing NC

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