For reasons I won’t delve into I had an unusually late start to getting on the water this morning. Bluebird skies and temps warmer than last week brought out the shorts.

Despite arriving late and to a full parking lot I managed to find a few good fish willing to bite. The first came from approximately 6-8 FOW off a c-rigged creature. A bit on the smallish side, but a start nonetheless.

As the wind picked up I switched to topwater for awhile, albeit with no fish to show for the effort. Going back to the creature I soon found a willing green fish in about 4 FOW. The fish simply picked up the bait and began moving if off to deeper water. She put up a determined, and welcomed, fight, spinning me around 3-4 times, threatening to jump before coming in for a handshake and quick lap photo.








-hope to see you again soon