Native Watercraft seat tool tackle organizer

The Native Watercraft Seat Tool Organizer has a few updates, further strengthening it as one of the most popular add-on accessories to enhance tackle and tool storage. First, Native has added a third accessory stay strap which wraps around the seat frame, holding the accessory on. The previous version featured lower neoprene tackle tray pockets. Over time these had the potential to stretch depending on the amount of weight held. The edges were also rounded which could sometimes catch tray edges during removal and insertion. This updated version features lower try pockets made from the same UV resistant material as used in the seats. Corner edges are sewn at right angles and a sewn-in waterproof stiffener spans the entire bottom of the pockets. Bungee straps underneath the pockets help hold the pouches up from the floor when not in use as well as add additional support. Two additional D-rings have been added for lashing your prized tools in one or all of the smaller four pockets.

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