Birthdays come and birthdays go. Almost in a religious fashion I seek to spend at least part of my own birthday fishing. It’s fair to say that a considerable amount of joy arises when my youngest son, Trace, replies with a “I wanna go fishing” when asked what he would like to do on his own birthday.

With Grandparents visiting for the celebration, we only had a few hours before we all were to meet for a late lunch. We haven’t been to the river lately so we decided to see if we could locate our transitory Carp posse and let the boy get a good tug on his line. Carp turned out not to be. Always having a backup plan is essential to not blowing a trip, that’s where the ultralight and number 2 Panther Martins come into play. We only brought one rod for Redbreaast and we proceeded to trade off its use, landing forty or more. The effects of tropical storm Sandy steadily increased with high winds buffeting our normally sheltered river. With numerous dead timber along its banks it became too risky to stay longer.

I don’t force fishing on my other two sons. Sometimes they want to go, sometimes they don’t. There’s no lack of joy if their response is anything other than fishing when asked how they would like to celebrate… it’s just fishing.

Happy Birthday, Trace!