In brief, my oldest son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was three. Being type 1 his body produces no insulin at all, requiring constant regulation and monitoring in order to keep insulin levels at safe levels. Even with strict diligence, highs and the even more dangerous lows can and do occur, sometimes without warning. We became aware of groups that can effectively train dogs to sense dangerous levels and will alert the patient or another person, should the patient become unresponsive. In a nutshell this will provide Cody with a backup safety helper as he prepares for college and driving.

The generosity pouring forth from the kayak fishing community has been rather overwhelming. Folks I know and some whom I’ve never met, though we are now friends, have kindly and generously donated time and goods in an effort to Cody.

Mark Patterson of the NCKFA brought the raffle to his popular Oak Island Classic Kayak Fishing Tournament by way of inspiration from our VA friends, the Lozier’s.

Santiago Rivera of WGSS Fence Gates N Rails graciously donated a custom made aluminum kayak trailer.

WGSS Kayak Trailer


Mike Eady of Black River Outdoor Center, Conway SC. kindly donated a guided kayak fishing trip.

Jim Reilly of Newport NC donated a custom built Redfish rod.

At the conclusion of the raffle, there were 26 tickets sold at $20.00 each. The NCKFA matched that donation with another 26 tickets bought at $20.00, bringing the Grand Total to $1,120.00!!!!!!!!

Mark Patterson (NCKFA) Philip, Will & Cory (Get:Outdoors)

Mark Patterson (NCKFA) Philip, Will & Cory (Get:Outdoors)

The fortunate chap that won the raffle was none other than North Carolina’s own, Josh Ferguson. Congratulations Josh and huge thanks to all that made this happen. From this we are that much closer to out goal!!

Josh - Raffle Winner

Photo by Effort Inc.

Additional Resources:

If you’d like to follow Cody’s progress we have a FaceBook page and a GoFundMe page available.


-again, many thanks!!