Looking back upon 2014 there seemed to be more distractions and side-lining injuries, which limited time on the water, than there were highlights. Yet, a few bright bulbs flickered positively, which despite the gloom, shined some light on an otherwise forgettable season.

First up was the 2nd Annual Adventure Fishing World Championship, held in Flamingo, FL. What normally should have been an all-out epic trip and experience was burdened with personal trials, which kept my head out of the tournament but not from having a good time with some solid friends. Sometimes it’s more about friends than fish…

Photo by: Kris Lally Lozier

Photo by: Kris Lally Lozier

For another year I’ve struggled through musculoskeletal pain in the neck and shoulder. The more activity the worse it is, leading to muscle numbness and weakness, leading to frustration, which no amount of Snickers bars will resolve. Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you choose to look at it.. I still had good use of my legs so much of the frustration was taken out on the trails, mountain and road cycling. Not content merely to suffer through two problems, a third joined the meltdown with a premature dismount off a log bridge. Little too slick, a little too fast… resulting in a torn oblique. Frankly, I’ve had broken bones that have hurt less and healed faster. After 120 NSAID’s and two months there is progress, just not to the point of lifting a kayak.

Brighter note; a few good trips with the lads. Cody scored his largest Bass to date. Both Dylan and Trace got in on the action as well.

Day Two

The Prize

12.5" White Crappie

This post may sound whinny but that’s not the intention. I may not be getting any younger… better than than the alternative… but I have no intention of slowing down on the water or on the bike. Injuries are bound to happen if you push it or step out of the stroller. So as 2015 is underway, the focus is on useful healing, maybe not complete healing, but useful. Sights are set on the 3rd Annual AFWC in April so I’ve got to be good to go for the toughest kayak fishing tournament going. Then, there’s the kids. They’ll want some water time too.

Happy New Year and Glad Tidings!