North Carolina is no stranger to Summer heat and humidity. Nor is the reactionary decry of sufferings from most folks when the two get together for a party. This August has been a proverbial sauna, at least beyond the noon hour. In Central NC there aren’t many dusk or nighttime options due to the evening or nighttime closure of our reservoirs.

Enter a the early beginnings of Fall, and most importantly relief from the heat with cooler temps… and more active, feeding fish, the Green Treats. On this particular body of water the thermocline was roughly at 9-10′, a good sign most activity would be in that range. With that knowledge I decided to work up from the deepest, targeting defined terrain changes on up to shoreline with structure. I found fish in all these areas, catching them on a variety of baits, from topwater to t-rigged plastics and cranks. The largest treat came in just over 6 lbs on a 7″ worm.