Days on the river have thus far have been few. We’ve had lots of rain this Spring, resulting in higher flows and dirty water, not very conducive to fly fishing. However, today, all things aligned, with an almost audible welcoming… down to the river.


Redbreast Sunfish are simply one of the most enjoyable small fish to not only catch on the fly but to marvel at their colorful patterns of indigo blue, orange, red and yellow.

Redbreast Sunfish P1020159


It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on low hanging branches, particularly ones in direct sunlight, that’s where slithering serpentine prefer to hang. This Northern Water snake is not poisonous but will bite if cornered or feels aggression towards itself.
Northern Water Snake

If you tend to get bored or feel the need to stretch in search of some rejuvenation, I strongly suggest you try kayak fishing yoga. It’s not quite the craze yet, but its catching on. This pose is called flipped turtle.
Kayak Fishing Yoga