It seems rather cliche’ to say “time flies”. Yet realistically, when looking back through photos captured seemingly “only yesterday”, indeed times does fly by…  …when you’re having fun!

In the spirit of having fun and before Summer vacation ends and another school year begins, the boys and I loaded the trusty kayak hauler with gear and headed North, to an unfamiliar lake.

Kayak Fishing, Kayak Truck Rack

It was to reach the upper 90’s and even with a solid supply of cool liquid our policy of “always having fun while on the water” had a narrow timetable before the heat and humidity sucked the ever-loving fun out of us. With little breeze and a heavy humidity, we launched by 9 am, eager to discover what this new body of water had to offer. Having the only underwater electronics onboard I was able to spot suspending fish, hovering in roughly 10 FOV and around bottom irregularities and drops. Getting them to bite proved not as easy.

Native Watercraft, Ultimate FX

Meanwhile, Trace persistently searched along the bank, finding a few 14-15″ Bass, while Dylan practiced casting a bait caster. Cody recently acquired a beginner fly setup and was doing well landing Sunfish from the shallows.

Kayak Fly Fishing, Ultimate Tegris

With no luck on the suspending fish, I began looking for deeper water along the banks that had cover, specifically blow-downs. Blow-downs equal cover. Baitfish seek cover, hungry predators gravitate to these areas. A creature bait or worm presented weightless or lightly texas-rigged is what I found effective to drawing bites.

Largemouth Bass, Kayak Fishing NC

As storm clouds began to build, this “good time” would have to come to a close. Heard them up and head home…  ….until next time!

kids kayak fishing, Native Watercraft