Simms Solarflex Glove

Fishing gloves. There’s no shortage of excuses against wearing them. They’re too bulky, minimizing feel and control of a reel or line. They don’t provide a solid grip. They’re too hot in the Summer. Or, you can never find a good fit that’s not too loose or too tight. Most fisherman are forced to cast the excuses away once the temps drop to uncomfortable levels. Personally, I’ve tried countless gloves to combat sun and cold, only to discard them for one or more of the above reasons. The two greatest being poor fit and loss of controlled feel of gear.

I’ve always gravitated towards fingerless gloves, even in the Winter, not willing to sacrifice finger tip feel and ability to grip small items. Of all fingerless gloves I’ve tried the Simms Solarflex™ guide gloves fit my hands the best, while still allowing a comfortable rod grip, a solid grip on a paddle, and most importantly, a good grip on a fishes mouth.

Simms Solarflex Glove Simms Solarflex Glove









The Solarflex™ UPF50 stretch fabric on the back is a nice fit. Stretchy enough so it’s not too tight, yet not loose either. Lining the palm is slip and water resistant goat leather, again, providing a solid grip to rods, paddles and fish. The pointer finger extends longer than the other digits for full line stripping coverage. The cuff extends well enough past the wrist so it tucks under a long sleeve shirt without leaving a gap for sun to enter. A snap at the each wrist cuff helps keep the gloves paired together when they’ve got time off.

Aside from the pro’s listed above, there are a few more benefits to slapping on sun gloves. No sunscreen (fish repellant) on your hands. Increased grip on slippery surfaces, such as paddles and fish. Fish also benefit by not having acids from your own skin transfer to their thin, protective mucous layer. Having worn this pair for an entire season they are holding up well. The goat leather is not cracking or dried out. The stitching and Solarflex™ material has also help up.

Simms Solarflex Glove Simms Solarflex™ Glove

With skin cancer leading the way in cancer causing deaths in the U.S., anglers and folks spending time outdoors need to be proactive in protecting themselves from the giver of life, the sun. So don’t just stop at your hands. If you don’t apply sun screen at all, consider protecting your skin with other UPF 30 or above clothing.

Give’em a try at your local Simms dealer. Do, and I think you’ll find less reasons for not wearing gloves.