Taking advantage of a non-important miss school day, Trace and I loaded up on a chilly 40 degree morning to sling topwater baits in hopes of irritating bedding Bass to strike. As anyone who has ever caught Bass on topwater can attest, it’s highly addictive, whether your eight or eighty years old. Let the games begin…

After an initially slow thirty to forty minutes, bites began increasing and the smiles showed the appreciation.

IMG_0323 IMG_0325










As we continued to work the shallows, I occasionally watched Trace work his bait, and was soon rewarded as what became his largest-to-date Bass, launch itself halfway out of the water, rolling on top of the bait. Knowing it was a good fish, and seeing the excitement on his face, I encouraged him not to horse it. He played it perfectly, even landing it on his own. Well done son!

21" 5.5 lb.

21″ 5.5 lb.