The growing trend to skip school, which in reality isn’t skipping, since the kids are only watching movies to close out the end of the year, means we’re going fishing!


Surface lake temps in the Piedmont have heated up the low 80’s. Though some larger Bass can still be found in shallower water, the greater amount will be found in deeper water. The nicer fish caught today are found associated to structure, such as humps, bumps drops and rocks. Kinda catchy. Might have to work it into a new rap? Anyway, cranks diving from 6-10′ motivated most of my fish while Jr. me plied most of his shallower and with t-rigged worms.


We only had 4.5 hours to play before having to leave to pickup senior tater head from school. No complaints, just happy we had another opportunity to play with a few fish.

Slayer Propel Kayak Bass

Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Kayak Bass Slayer Propel