Here in North Carolina, as in other parts of the Country, we have had to wait longer than normal to see the familiar signs of Spring. With trees and flowers budding, the glorious explosion of pollenating plant life is once again underway.

More importantly, water temps have risen to and above the magical 58 degree mark, triggering the lovely full-belly ladies from their Winter depths, searching for a happy home to deposit their divine eggs. Yes, Sir Spring, ’bout time you showed up!.


Air Temp: Start 55 degrees  – End 68 degrees

Sky: Sunny, blue-bird

Wind: NW 4-12 mph

Surface Water Temp: Start 58 degrees – End 66 degrees

Location: Graham-Mebane Lake

Graham-Mebane lake was drawn mostly by necessity, having to drop and pick up my oldest son from school, so time was limited.  The lake has given up some decent fish in the past, not many, but a few. The lake receives a fair about of pressure so I find lower, more finesse type and style baits to be more productive. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try anything else, like cranks. I love throwing them and even did for awhile, with no hits, which led to the old-time, all-time favorite provocateur, the salamander. ALmost nothing riles ‘ol Bass mama’s angst than to have a salamander come sniff’n around her bed. The most productive spawning spots I find are the ones that seem the most inaccessible or harder to toss a lure in. For these locations spool your reel with 30 lb or above to lessen the likely hood of a break off, or worse, a lost fish. The fish below were all caught on a texas-rigged Yum Zellamander, 3/0 worm hook and an 1/8th oz weight.

Three Good Strikes

Three Good Strikes

An interesting, and never before occurrence, happened on one particular fish. Even with 30 lb leader I broke off a fish that swam under a limb I couldn’t see while I set the hook. Zellamander, hook and weight gone. Hate it when it happens, knowing the fish now has to deal with a face full of salamander until it falls out. I re-rig, wait a few minutes and cast right back on the spot, bam!, fish on and to the kayak. As I pull the hook out of the corner of her mouth and draw out the Zellamander, out pops the Zellamander I just broke off, the second hook just thru one of its legs. With the good feeling that she would be back on her bed, soon popping out tiny little Bass, I tipped my hat to her and the lake, calling it a day.

Caught the Bass and the broken off bait

Caught the Bass and the broken off bait

Spring, thanks for finally showing up!