Life. Responsibilities. Etc. Whatever you name them, they often wedge themselves in-between the wants to do and the need or should do’s. Sure, you can shuck off the latter, but rest assured, some level of suffering will soon follow. Fill in the blank ________ kept me off the water most of October. I know, prime-time Bass chewing season here in NC. I hold no grudge against the reasons, for reasons were mostly good, therefore making water time all the ‘mo better.


College boy, my oldest son, and I were able to get out to fish locally ’till noon. Once again, we left electronics as home, relaying on our tackle and fan casting to find fish. It’s not always the most effective method, yet there is a level of enjoyment from the simplicity. Just you, your rod (not in a weird way) your thoughts and a few crackers to satiate the occasionally grumbling from within.

Kayak Fishing NC

After more deeper water casts than we’d like to admit, we gradually migrated ourselves closer to the bank, where we had observed a few shallow blowups occurring. Water temp was right at 70 degrees and clear, clearer than Louisiana tea. Tossing 1/8-1/4 oz T-rig worms started bringing a collection of smaller fish to the kayaks. Later I moved further off the bank and found a sweet little 4 lb lass patrolling a slight drop who could not resist a 3/8 swim jig.


Small Bass 4lb Largemouth Bass








College boy stayed with a shallow plan and secured a few smaller fish on his own. Meanwhile, I went deeper over known structure and found a palm slab Crappie which wouldn’t pass up a 14′ (diving, not long) crankbait.

Black Crappie

Time on the water sure does have away of allowing life challenges to roll off your back, if you just slow down and unplug, enjoying the moment at hand.

Kayak Fishing

-the end